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Protect Your Family - Learn How to Sue for Due Process

Save lives, help MILLIONS of families nationwide and save our country billions of dollars.

When we can stop the predatory embezzlement of veteran benefits,

  • Disabled veterans will not have to live in constant fear of contempt and jail over alimony or child support.
  • Lawyers will not be able to drive the family into poverty by profiteering on their pain and stress.
  • We can also stop the parental alienation, which is one of the worst kinds of child abuse, especially when the veteran parent dies by suicide.

Turn the Tide of Suicide -

According to the Supreme Law of the Land, veteran benefits are exempt from state jurisdiction and there is NOTHING any state judge can say or do about it. They are REQUIRED to OBEY the Supreme Law of the Land, whether they like it or not.

That is basically the relationship between the Fourteenth Amendment and the Supremacy Clause.

Family and Country

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Those of us who have served in the military share a bond of loyalty to each other and a commitment to support and defend our families and our country. We know that our families can live in the safely of our country because we hold the line and watch over them.

No matter the rank or rate, we all play a part in that national responsibility. No matter how sad, frustrated, crippled or tired we may be, almost every one of us will stand and hold that line if we are called to protect our families for any reason. Our oath to defend the Constitution does not go away.

That does not mean all veterans are all perfect. It means that we know freedom comes with a price and it is our lifelong responsibility to stand and deliver that freedom together. We support the Constitution because it is the promise of our freedom and it guarantees the fundamental rights of all people in our country, even us.

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Divided We Fall

Things happen. People change. It can happen to anyone, but where military and veteran families are concerned, it can be shocking to lose all the stability of income, and housing, and medical coverage, overnight when we leave the military. Then we struggle to make ends meet. This is why veterans have nearly a much higher rate of divorce than average. (Especially veterans with disability)

Nothing hurts worse than fear, anger and frustration when our loved ones are crying because there is no food on the table, or home to put a table. All of the things we take for granted can be lost in a moment. No matter how stable things were, the shock of civilian life takes a toll on the veteran family.

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Targeting Vulnerable Families and Individuals

Military and veteran families are especially vulnerable as targets for predatory fraud and abuse. The more stressed the family is, the more vulnerable they are. When veterans are receiving disability benefits, blood-sucking parasitic attorneys and court officials only see a steady flow of money they want to control.

Attorneys are creatures of profit and billable hours are more important than professional ethics, or the law. The more chaos they generate, the more money they make. Every day they defecate Fraud upon the Court to get around due process and destroy families for fun and profit. They should be protecting families instead of stealing money from them. This is the reason Congress preempted state jurisdiction on veteran benefits, to protect the veterans and their families from chaos and corruption.

Due Process

Due process means taking steps to protect individual rights. It is NOT the hoops we jump through to get into court. It is the hoops a Court must jump through to get us OUT. The purpose of the Constitution is to protect all the people of our country from all the corruption that we know happens in every form of government. Justice cannot be served by violation of due process.

Loss and Pain

Systematic discrimination against our veterans, causes harm to our families. Whenever a veteran dies by poverty or suicide after being illegally deprived of benefits, the family always suffers financial hardship because VA compensation and pension benefits die with the veteran. Death by poverty or suicide is not service connected, so the dependents get nothing. It might seem like the government saves money when the veterans die, but the family hardship suddenly brings even greater federal cost through other federal departments.

We hear about the "suicides per day" because it is a popular fund-raising slogan, but even IF only 1 out of 10 veteran suicides is triggered by this problem, that is still over a thousand veteran suicides a year. When you consider the countless thousands of veteran who die by poverty and homelessness every year, that adds up fast.

Veteran Claims

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It is bad enough that we have to deal with the VA screwing up our claims for year after year by using notification scams and superficial examinations, but we should not have to be treated like animals by the civilian courts.

The VA uses "medical contractors" to do disability examinations in order to evade responsibility for their systemic failure and fraud. Typically, QTC, VES, LHI and VetFed are charging the VA millions of dollars for thousands of examinations that never happen because the veterans are not properly notified or cannot arrange to get to the appointments with 1 or 2 days notice. It is a big scam.

Some veterans even receive their notification letters several days after the contractor scheduled exams. In many cases, the doctors have no access to the military records that prove the original injury or illness happened in service, so they cannot make legitimate connection with how the veteran got the injury. With this system, it becomes hard to tell who is lying, the VA or the mercenary medical contractor.

That is why veterans formed the non-profit Veteran Service Organizations like DAV and VFW . These VSO's help veterans, dependents and survivors make claims for VA benefits and the do it for FREE.

VSO Links
American Legion - Logo-LinkVeterans of Foreign Wars - Logo-LinkParalyzed Veterans of America - Logo-LinkVietnam Veterans of America - Logo-LinkAmerican Veterans (AMVETS) - Logo-LinkWounded Warrior Project - Logo-Link - logo Not all Veteran Organizations are qualified to represent veterans in claims.
Here at VeteranHope, we do NOT work on VA claims. Our area is protecting military and veteran families from predatory fraud and discrimination in housing and courts.

Stay away from anyone who charges a fee to help get VA benefits. Sometimes we need to hire an attorney, but most veterans should start with a legitimate VSO. We all need help to deal with the confusion in the maze of the VA claim system and VSO's are there to help catch the VA in their mistakes, and help get things right on appeal. GET HELP!

Remember: The claim is your responsibility, not the VSO's. Their job is to help you gather and organize your evidence to support your claim. You still have to get the records to provide as evidence. See the checklist provided below.

All VA claims begin with Basic Proof of the following;

  • A) Qualified service, your DD-214 and other discharge papers.
  • B) Medical history that shows what happened during military service
  • C) Dependent family members and Birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.

The better prepared you are going into a VA claim, the better you will be coming out. It does not have to be perfect. Just take each step forward and keep in touch with your VSO. This may be hard sometimes. Do it anyway. This is your duty. It is your responsibility to support yourself and defend your family to the best of your ability and disability.

Veterans Legal Intervention Fund

We are raising money to provide legal intervention through local attorneys in the hope that soon we will not need to make a federal case every time. We prefer to have intervention pro bono or on a modest flat-fee basis. Both state and federal practice areas are generally needed. The work is minimal because I have provided all the material necessary to prove every statement of fact and law.

If you are interested in helping bring this service to more families and individuals, please contact us at:
Or by phone message at: (253) 499-5805